[Fully enjoy Celeste] 1 nights with 2 meals including original course meals @ Celeste Shodoshima(満喫)


Choose this plan if you want to fully enjoy Celeste Shodoshima
A hotel with superb view that grants you the enjoyment of original breakfast and dinner of Shodoshima


■ Dinner ■
Original meals combining Japanese and Western cuisines cooked from selected local products of Shodoshima and seafood caught in Seto Sea.
If you do no like knives and forks we will provide chopsticks.

~ Dinner menu on one of winter days ~

☆ Pen shell with nesting style salad dressing
Sudachi citrus with ponzu vinegar flavor and mayonnaise

☆ Boiled shako shrimp caught in sea waters near Shodoshima with tomato dressing

☆ Consomme with turnip flavor

☆ The first in the world olive pasta
Pancetta and arugula in Celeste style

☆ Red sea bream grilled in oven
Flavored with white sauce with tomato and herbs

☆ Steak from premium Olive beef produced in Kagawa prefecture
Specially created Japanese sauce from produced on Shodoshima soy sauce, winter Japanese radish and macrophyll

☆ Special dessert

☆ Drink after meal

☆ Bread and olive oil

※The contents may change

■ Breakfast ■
Western-style breakfast that fits holiday's morning the most

■ Dining place ■
Meals will be served in a restaurant with view to Seto Inland Sea

■ Chartered Jacuzzi ■ (View: sea)
There are 2 chartered Jacuzzi bathes with sea view.
You may enter them for free during stay.
Business hours: 15:00~22:00
Please inquire at the front on the day of accommodation.
Since these bathes have open design we recommend to enter them in swimsuit.
※Please bring your own swimsuit.
Check-in From 15:00 to 18:00(HH:MM)
Check-out Until 10:00(HH:MM)
Dining breakfast ・dinner
Rate 16,200円-(Per guest for one room, when shared by 4 guest(s))
* Tax included.
Deadline of reservations Until 15 o'clock of 1 day(s) before the accommodation date
Package period 2019/3/1 - 2019/12/31(YYYY/MM/DD)
Introduction of package