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Business Package [1 Night Stay with Breakfast]

If you travel for business, once in a while wouldn't it be nice to spend a night relaxing in a hotspring? Restore your energy and prepare for tomorrow in our open-air bath with water 100% from the source. Eat a hearty breakfast the next morning and seize the work day!
(Breakfast will be ready in the morning, but guests will need to find a restaurant or make preparations on your own for dinner.)

Zenshichi No Yu is a hotspring hotel located in Zao. The Zao ski area is just a walk away through a beautiful natural environment. We are proud of our certified 5 star open-air bath with hotspring water directly from the source.

□■□ 7 Facts of Our Hotspring Source □■□
①Water from the source within 5 minutes
  Fresh water has amazing powers!!!
  The water does not make contact with air for 5 minutes
  Water oxidizes when it comes into contact with air, reducing its power
②No added water
  (This reduces the negative ions to 1/10th)
③No added heat
  (Spring source waters of 45°C and 53°C are blended to provide appropriate temperature)
④Not recirculated. 100% from the source
  (Each minute 340 liters of water flows into the perfect sized bath tub)
⑤Not sterilized
  (Strongly acidic water suppresses breeding of legionella bacteria)
⑥Ancient stone [Somatid]
  (Rejuvenates cells through micro living matter)
⑦The only one somatid hotspring in the world!!!

□■□ access □■□
Please use the hotel's welcome bus when traveling around the Zao Hotsprings area. (Zao bus terminal, ropeway, hotspring restaurants and bars, etc.)
There are set times the bus operates to the ski areas during winter months  (December to March).
Please ask the front desk for more information.
A reservation in advance is required to use the welcome bus from JR Yamagata Station .
Reservations may not be accepted on certain days.

Phone hours: 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Check-in From 15:00 to 18:00(HH:MM)
Check-out Until 10:00(HH:MM)
Dining breakfast ・dinner
Rate 6,350円-(Per guest for one room, when shared by 4 guest(s))
* Tax included.
Deadline of reservations Until 18:00(HH:MM) of 1 day(s) before the accommodation date
Package period 2014/7/26 - 2021/11/30(YYYY/MM/DD)
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