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Plan H621y [Day trip plan] Kaiseki dinner-120g Kobe Beef& Acces to Hyoe's public baths
■Dinner at restaurant
■No Room ■No Yukata

[Day trip] Dinner

Day trip plan with Kaiseki dinner with Kobe Beef-Teppanyaki-120g/adult guest!
Check-in : from 16:00 to 19:00 
Check-out:until 21:00

Dinner is served at restaurant
Dinner includes 8 dishes dishes :
●Suimon-small hot pot
●Seasonal appetizers
●Small sashimi platter (raw fish)
●Simmered dish

●Kobe Beef 120g -Teppanyaki/ adult guest

How to enjoy Teppanyaki
Grill the meat on a small plate at your table and then dip it lightly in the seasoning we prepared. 

●Kamameshi rice (rice cooked in kama-small pot -with seasonal ingredints)
●Miso soup and pickles
●Buffet style dessert

※Menu dishes and the number of the dishes are subject to change without any notice.
※Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

※ Facilities can be used from 16:00 to 21:00.
※ Restaurant opening hours are from 17:30 to 21:00. Last entry 19:30.

Relax at our large public baths 
:::Baths available for day trip plan:::
【Ichi-no-Yu】-switch between genders daily
【Ni-no-Yu】-switch between genders daily
At the check-in time you will be informed by our frond desk staff  which bath is for what gender in that day 
【San-no-Yu】-separated baths for men and women  

※Please be aware that this plan is a Day trip plan and it does not include the usage of a guest room and yukata.
※On the reservation form ''Number of room(s)'' section will be displayed, but in this plan the usage of a guest room is not included

Large public bath click here
Access click heer
Western style restaurant with tables and chairs. Non-Smoking (image).