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Plan H661y [Day trip plan] Buffet style dinner & access to Hyoe's public baths
■Dinner at restaurant
■No Room ■No Yukata

[Day trip] Dinner

◆Day trip plan♪ FREE pick-up service in Arima Onsen!
◆Enjoy a buffet style dinner and relax at our large public baths

●Check-in:from16:00 to19:00
●Check-out:until 21:00  
●Dinner start time will be one of the following 17: 30, 17: 45 or 19:30(last entry) with 90 minutes limit dining time. Restaurant closes at 21:00
●Access to our large public baths:from 16:00 to 21:00

Buffet style dinner served at resaurant 
Dishes that you can enjoy if you choose buffet style dinner
●Teppanyaki beef dish and vegetables tempura are prepared  and served from open kitchen
●Seasonal sashimi
●Sweet and sour pork
●Chawan-mushi:Steamed egg custard with seasonal ingredients
●Salad bar  
●Chocolate fountain
●Desserts & Ice cream
●Drinks bar: orange juice, tea, coffee

※Menu dishes and the number of the dishes are subject to change without any notice.
※The images  and photos are for illustrative purposes only.

Relax at our large public baths 
:::Baths available for day trip plan:::
【Ichi-no-Yu】-switch between genders daily
【Ni-no-Yu】-switch between genders daily
At the check-in time you will be informed by our frond desk staff  which bath is for what gender in that day 
【San-no-Yu】-separated baths for men and women  

※Please be aware that this plan is a Day trip plan and it does not include the usage of a guest room and yukata.
※On the reservation form ''Number of room(s)'' section will be displayed, but in this plan the usage of a guest room is not included

Access click here
Large public baths click here

Buffet style dinner at Hana-no-Mai buffet style restaurant (image).