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Plan 4113y [SPECIAL] Kaiseki dinner with Kobe Beef Teppanyaki - 120g
■Dinner-in your guest room
■Breakfast-buffet style at restaurant

Dinner:Kaiseki in guest room

Kobe Beef

Kaiseki multi-course dinner  with carefully selected Kobe Beef-Teppanyaki-120g/adult guest. You will enjoy grilling the meat on small teppan- plate served in the relaxing ambiance of your Japanese style guest room.

Dinner is served in your guest room
●Suimon-small hot pot
●Seasonal appetizer
●Small sashimi platter(raw fish) 
●Simmered dish

●Kobe Beef 120g/adult guest -Teppanyaki 

How to enjoy Teppanyaki
Grill the meat on a small plate at your table and then dip it lightly in the seasoning we prepared. 

●Kamameshi rice (rice cooked in kama-small pot -with seasonal ingredints)  
●Miso soup and pickles
● Dessert

※Menu dishes and the number of the dishes are subject to change without any notice.
※Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
※Please note that some of the menu ingredinets and dishes vary from season to season.

About Breakfast
Breakfast is served at restaurant
Buffet breakfast, where you can choose and taste from a variety of dishes and soft drinks.
※The menu may change without prior notice.

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Kaiseki dinner with Kobe Beef (image). You will grill the meat on a small plate at your table.