Nestled in Hakuba Happo hot spring resort,
a modern Japanese-style Inn, Yamanosato Hotel Hakuba Hifumi

【2024 Season】 Accommodation Package with Breakfast ~Japanese-style Ryokan Elegance with New Service Style~

【Duration】All seasons
Start of New Hotel Rules: Hotel Hakuba Hifumi STANDARD PLAN
New Hotel Rules will be applied to your stay in 2024
We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation on this change to the new style for our guests’ comfortable and safe stay at Hotel Hakuba Hifumi.
・One Start time for Dinner …  6:00 pm only
All of our dishes are homemade and carefully provided with seasonal and fresh foods.   To maximize and keep the quality for our guests, we decided to limit the start time only to 6:00 pm.  For breakfast, you have choices in its start time and menus (Japanese/Western styles).
・Simple Room/Hotel Guidance
We prepare homemade pastries as Welcome Sweets in your room. Please have a seat, relax and enjoy the pastries while reading the Room/Hotel guide leaflet.  That is our Room/Hotel Guidance on your arrival.
・Earlier Check-out Time… 10:00 am
The need for longer time for room-preparation is becoming more essential for better quality and also in terms of staffs’ work style reforms. Let us change the check-out time to 10:00 am.  Check in time is still the same at 2:00 pm.
・More Eco-friendly Amenities
We will change amenities to more eco-friendly and human-friendly ones.  There are no disposable amenities.  Please bring your own teeth brushes with you.  Please enjoy our special lounge wear of linen.
・One Family with small kids per night
We will secure a private dining space for a family with small kids so that the parents can enjoy meals without worries.  Please fill in the “Request / inquiry” with the number of kids and their need for meals.  This service is limited to one family per night.  There might be a case Hotel will cancel your already-booked-reservation if we find Hotel will have two or more families with small kids per night.
Hotel Hakuba Hifumi does not provide disposable/plastic amenities according to the Climate Emergency Declaration issued in Hakuba Village.  Please bring your own amenities.
These changes are all for keeping our quality of hospitality for our guests in this beautiful Hakuba Village. Thank you for your kind understanding.
・Please check the new hotel rules.
・Please make a phone call and let us know if you arrive at the hotel later than 6:00 pm.   In that case, the dinner menu might change.
・No plastic/disposable amenities
・Rooms for a group with small kids
Sweet type:  NAGONMI
Deluxe type: KAEDE / HINA
Check-in From 14:00 to 18:30(HH:MM)
Check-out Until 10:00(HH:MM)
Dining breakfast
Introduction of dining You can enjoy Hifumi Japanese cuisine dinner called Wasai Kaiseki, a traditional but original Japanese course dinner with rich and fresh foods which are organic and locally sourced.   Proudly, our Wasai Kaiseki is loved by many people and enjoying high popularity among both Japanese and overseas guests for its elegancy and deliciousness. 

Rate 13,200JPY-(Per guest for one room, when shared by 2 guest(s))
* Tax included.
Deadline of reservations Until 6:00(HH:MM) on the accommodation date
Package period 2023/6/13 - 2024/12/30(YYYY/MM/DD)
Introduction of package We take all the special measures to secure our guests’ safety.
And at the same time, we do our best for each of our guests to have a relaxing and comfortable stay even under the special conditions.

​We appreciate your kindness to accept these measures, and hope each of you will spend a wonderful time.