Low-priced hostel without meal service,
dormitory house/guesthouse


Clean and cozy Japanese-style space in Tokyo! All rooms are equipped with air conditioner, electrical outlets, and free WiFi connection. You can relax in our public bath, have a refreshing drink while watching the sun set up on the rooftop, and you can meet new people in the lobby as well! There are staff that can speak English and Chinese so maybe they can teach you some Japanese!

※Room reservation by phone will be charged a fee of 300yen + the room rate.

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Stay + Day trip bus tour ♪ ◆You stay WASABI and join Mt. Fuji 5th Station+Kawaguchiko Lake +Oshino Hakkai+Gotemba outlets Day trip bus tour!◆

Good News! Here is a plan of staying at WASABI and joining day trip bus tour!

Day trip bus tour, "Sightseeing around Mt. Fuji"&"Shopping at Gotemba Outlet", popular spots among foreign tourists♪

7:50 Tokyo Station(Tokyo VIP Lounge) Yaesu Amerex Bldg 2F 1-5-9 Yaesu Chuo-ku Tokyo
8:30 Shinjuku West Exit(Shinjuku VIP Lounge) Yamagin building4F, 1-12-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
10:30 Mt. Fuji 5th Station
※It would be changed to “Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Jinja", when 5th station was closed.
12:10 Kawaguchiko Lake (Please have your own lunch)
13:45 Natural monument Japan's 100 remarkable waters "Oshino Hakkai"
15:25 Gotemba outlets
19:00 Ginza Chuo Dori(MELSA Ginza) <Dismissal>
【Precaution】Please note that stay time might be changed by a traffic jam.

【Included cost in tour fees】Round trip bus fare・highway tolls・consumption tax・other taxes
Minimum number of participants: 1person/without meals/itinerary: 0 night 1day/ departure place: Tokyo, Shinjuku/ means of transportation: bus/tour conductor:○

※Depature place are Tokyo station and Shinjuku station.
※Tour is available every day.
※Please tell tour depature date you want at check in.

For further details of tour, please contact below.


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Did you know VIP Liner?
Hostel WASABI and VIP Liner, we are one big family. We run nightly long distance coach service!
STAY+ BUS package is.......
○You get a stay at WASABI includes VIP Liner one-way ticket
○Anywhere you hop on Tuesday or Wednesday(except holidays)
○When you checking in, you are able to make a booking of VIP Liner. ***Booking necessary at reception***
○Limited Seats
More details….Visit our website http://vipliner.biz/
Its awesome package isn’t it?

If possible, before you make a booking, please call or send E-mail us about which date you want to get on a bus.(TEL: 03-5811-7550, E-mail:info@guesthousejp.com )

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Here is a new package for woman!!
Why don’t you do nails? Nail specialist do your nails at VIP LOUNGE Tokyo.
It makes you happy during your stay, and also it will be a great memory in Japan!!
※Doing nails is available from 12:00 to 19:00
If possible, before you make a booking, please call or send E-mail us about which date you want to get your nails done. (TEL:03-5811-7550, E-mail:info@guesthousejp.com)

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Summer time has come! Here is only summer package!!
Would you like to try on YUKATA to be real Japanese? Why don’t you go out wearing with it for summer festival in Tokyo?
You are able to wear YUKATA during your stay, also are able to change your favorite YUKATA each day!!
We guarantee you are going to be memorable experience in Japan!!

Female)Height: 4’11” ~ 5’9”
Male)Height: 5’9” ~ 6’1”
If possible, please take undergarments(T-shirt, tank top or short-pants etc..) worn under YUKATA.

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