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Standard plan with breakfast and dinner "Zao-Sankaizen"

☆★ This is our standard "Zao-Sankaizen Plan" ★☆

You can fully enjoy Zao life with vaunty hot springs, delicious dinner and relaxing in rich natural Zao's surroundings.

What's "Zao-Sankaizen"?
It's our standard and popular Japanese-style dinner made with various Yamagata foods.

Zao Kokusai Hotel features
Our vaunty hot spring "Hachiemon no yu"
You can enjoy the milky natural hot spring which is 100% directly poured from the source of sulfur spring. It's all-wooden construction and its ceiling height is up to 6.5 meter. Indirect lighting creates Japanease ambience and you are enveloped in the sulfur scent and the warmth of woods.

For more infomation, please click each room type below and refer to details!!

Meal choice ○[ Dinner ]:Zao-Sankaizen
○[ Breakfast ]:Buffet style
●蔵王山懐膳 イメージ画像/山形の旬の味をお召し上がり下さい♪
●蔵王山懐膳 イメージ画像/山形の旬の味をお召し上がり下さい♪

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